Õhurõhk: hPa
Tuule kiirus: m/s
Tuule suund:
  • Unit complex water purification village Viimsi 50 m3/h- removal of excess radioactivity of water 
  • Unit complex water purification village Kehtna 20 m3/h - removal of organics, ammonia and colloidal iron
  • Unit complex purification of drinking water in the town of Lihula  8 m3/h - removal of excess fluoride 
  • Dairy -Tere AS - water treatment plant  - deferrization,  removal of excess carbon dioxide and desinfektion with NaOCl 100 m3 / h 
  • AS Liviko - technological preparation of water for the alcohol industry 8 m3 / h with reverse osmosis
  • Brewery ALeCoq - removal of iron and softening 50 m3/h with complex decarbonization unit (using HCl) 30 m3/h
  • Hospital South Estonia complex purification of drinking water -  removing manganese 8 m3 / h 
  • City Antsla municipal water plant 10 m3 / h -  removal of excess carbon dioxide 
  • Saint Gobain Glass Estonia complex process water purification unit -deferrization, softening and reverse osmosis 5 m3 / hour 
  • Tallinna Kyte - heating network of the city of Tallinn - demineralisation using HCl and NaOH boiler and distict heating water 30 m3 / h
  • AS Premia Foods  - water for making ice cream 
  • Kogalym City, West Siberia - sale of filter media to remove organic matter in drinking water at a water temperature of about 0.5 degrees